What Injuries Are Most Common From Car Accidents?

By Monica Burneikis | October 21, 2020
what injuries are most common from car accidents

Minor car accidents often result in bruising, muscle/connective tissue strain, and potential neck injuries that may or may not be more serious than you think. Anything more dramatic than a minor “fender bender” can leave victims with injuries, pain, and discomfort that lasts for years to come. Serious injuries can also compromise the rest of…

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How Much Time Do I Have After My Accident To File A Lawsuit?

By Monica Burneikis | September 19, 2020
how much time do i have after my accident to file a lawsuit

The aftermath of an accident is traumatic, especially for anyone who is seriously injured or requires long-term rehabilitation as a result of their injuries. Even worse are immediately fatal accidents or accidents that result in injuries that eventually lead to death. Lawsuits are the last thing victims and families want to contend with, and yet time is…

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