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The sad truth is that thousands of pedestrian accidents occur in the Bay Area each year, and many of those result in fatalities or life-altering injuries.

While car accident victims have the buffer of their own insurance companies working on their behalf, victims of a pedestrian accident are doubly at risk. First, there is the physical vulnerability of a pedestrian, who has no protection from the impact of a motorized vehicle. Then there is the fact that the driver’s insurance company will do everything they can to settle at the lowest price the victim will agree to. Without securing legal support, pedestrian accident victims have no advocates working on their behalf.

Even in cases where pedestrians share some of the blame (for example: crossing a street outside of a crosswalk or not making it to the other side before the “Don’t Walk” sign is flashing), negligent drivers are still accountable for their part in the accident.

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If you or someone you love is involved in a pedestrian v.s. vehicle accident as a result of driver negligence, we highly recommend contacting an Oakland pedestrian accident lawyer within the first 24-hours or within the first week at the latest. The sooner you have someone representing your interests, the less time the other side has to create their case against you.
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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Help You Reclaim Quality of Life

The combination of both the physical and mental/emotional impacts clients experience after an accident can greatly reduce their quality of life. As your pedestrian accident lawyers, we’ll represent your case in a way that helps you reclaim your quality of life.

  • We facilitate communication with insurance claims agents
  • Work with the other side’s legal team to minimize your exposure to stressful question/answer sessions or depositions
  • Keep you out of negotiations while simultaneously striving to get you a settlement that will generously cover your financial needs in the present moment as well as down the road

We base our figure on multiple factors, including:

Total medical costs associated with immediate and future diagnosis, treatment and care
Wages lost from time off work
Caregiver costs
Wages lost from a spouse’s time off work
Loss of benefit contributions, including retirement and children’s college funds
Expenses for any durable and other medical equipment required for your recovery and post-recovery periods
The cost for future schooling or vocational training required if debilitating injuries force you into a career change
Any home or office renovations necessary to accommodate your injuries
And more

Many of these items do not factor into a victim’s list of compensation, but personal injury lawyers are trained to think big picture and long-term. That way, we can pursue a settlement that covers everything you’ll ever need as a result of your comprehensive suffering.

Get Comprehensive Support From an Oakland Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The Burneikis Law team takes a holistic approach with our clients. Your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones are our first priority. Pedestrian accidents like yours have a multi-layered impact on victims and families, and we work to decipher those layers for you and make sure the compensation you receive addresses all of the hardships those layers present.

When we take your case, we will stand by your side, providing the support you need on multiple fronts as you heal from the event - and we’ll help to protect your interests today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Don’t Go Against Their Insurance Companies Alone

The driver’s insurance company has one goal: to settle your claim with the least expense and minimal impact to themselves and their client(s). And, they have an entire legal team at their disposal to do just that.

The combination of the driver or defendant’s insurance claims specialists and legal team means you’ll be asked repeated questions, will have your own comments twisted around on you, and will be encouraged to settle as fast as possible before you can even begin to understand the full, long-term effects of the incident.

After years of experience working as an Oakland pedestrian accident lawyer, our staff have become experts at understanding the big picture impacts of a traumatic event like yours.

There are injuries that affect physical health, and there are injuries that occur in the mental and emotional realm. Many of these take weeks or even months to emerge because the combination of post-accident adrenaline and shock, combined with the “insurance claims” process, keeps you so busy that you have no time to truly take stock and assess the full impact of your experience.

Your Personal Injury Attorneys Are On Your Side

When you work with us, we are all in. Our legal team is 100% on your side, and we take up the mantle on your behalf.

While you and your loved ones focus on treatment, healing, and restoration, we facilitate the business side of things, while making sure you are doing all you can to take care of yourself.

Multiple entities may share responsibility

In many cases, it is not only the driver who is at fault. There may be several entities responsible for the event from start to finish. For example:

  • An inattentive or reckless driver
  • A passenger who was behaving irresponsible and distracting the driver or impeding his/her ability to see, react, and respond to the situation
  • Faulty mechanics (manufacturer’s defect)
  • Incorrectly completed repairs
  • An unleashed dog
  • Fading crosswalk or street signs
  • Poorly marked construction zones
  • A faulty stoplight
  • An so on...

Even if you or a loved one were partially responsible for a portion of the accident, you still have a solid case if other negligent factors were at play. So, for example, the claims adjusters and our legal team may determine that the pedestrian was 25% responsible, but a faulty repair was responsible for the other 75%. Then, the settlement will be adjusted accordingly. Any part you played in the incident does not negate the negligence on others’ behalf.

We educate you about the physical injury journey

Our legal team and staff consider our role as client educators as important as our role as client advocates.

We know that many injuries don’t reveal themselves for days or weeks after the accident, and that a “simple sprain or break” may continue to cause pain and discomfort even years or decades after the injury is considered healed by medical professionals.

Pedestrian accident victims are extremely vulnerable and the list of the “most common injuries”  is tragically long:

  • Minor and major abrasions
  • Road rash
  • Lacerations
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Loss of limb(s)
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ and tissue injuries
  • Major connective tissue sprains and strains
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Memory impairment
  • Cognitive decline
  • Paralysis
  • And more

We’ll make sure you have all of the medical tests and diagnostics necessary to assess any potential injury that could be missed in a basic physical or x-ray. We will also continue to foster your trust and encourage you to be completely honest with us.

This is not the time or the place for well-meaning toughness. A small pain in your ankle or wrist that you consider to be “nothing,” or assume will go away should still be given a careful assessment to make sure there isn’t a potentially debilitating injury lying in wait, ready to rear its head after your claim is already closed.

Personal Accident Attorneys Never Underestimate Emotional Trauma

Experienced attorneys have long-lasting relationships with our clients. Over the decades, our industry has learned just how traumatic a pedestrian accident can be, including its potential for creating long-term PTSD if the victim’s mental and emotional wellbeing are not honored and treated with respect.

According to helpguide.org, some of the most common mental and emotional side effects experienced after a traumatic accident include:

  • Shock, denial, or disbelief
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating
  • Anger, irritability, mood swings
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Guilt, shame, self-blame
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Feeling disconnected or numb

Psychological effects of trauma can also affect you physically, showing up as:

  • Insomnia or nightmares
  • Fatigue
  • Being startled easily
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Edginess and agitation

These mental and emotional side effects can last for an indefinite amount without awareness and experienced treatment.

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We are saddened to see how many accident victims shy away from legal support because they are scared or anxious about having to be in the courtroom. This often results in insurance claim settlements that are tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars less than potential clients would have received with the help of competent legal representation.

Please Note: Upwards of 95% of pedestrian accident settlements take place outside of the courtroom and without ever having to file a legal claim. If you are in the nominal percentage of cases that require filing a legal claim and attending courtroom appointments, your legal team will do everything they can to minimize the mental and emotional stress. We will support you every step of the way, so you are never alone.

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