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Brain injuries are relatively common across the United States, costing thousands of dollars in lost income and reduced earning capacity each year. A traumatic brain injury can occur as a result of many different situations and can cause lasting damage, impacting both quality of life and ability to work. In these situations, attorneys who specialize in handling brain injury claims play an integral role in securing full and fair compensation for the injured person.

At Burneikis Law, we fight for justice for brain injury victims and their family members. We have years of experience handling brain injury claims and can help you seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages as a result of your traumatic brain injury.

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If you or someone you love is the victim of a traumatic brain injury, we highly recommend contacting an Oakland traumatic brain injury attorney immediately. The sooner you have someone representing your interests, the less time the other side has to create their case against you.

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What Constitutes a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Head injuries can range in severity, from concussions to more significant injuries like hematomas or skull fractures. Depending on the nature of the injury, the victim may need dramatically different levels of care and will face distinct roads towards recovery. Generally, however, any injury that inflicts damage upon the brain in any way is considered to be a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Symptoms of Serious TBIs

While all brain injuries are significant, head injuries can range in severity. For example, mild traumatic brain injury symptoms can include headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, etc. These injuries can still cause you to miss time from work, but the recovery is usually much faster than with more severe brain injuries.

However, these same symptoms may also indicate a more severe brain injury, especially if the TBI victim experiences other symptoms, such as memory loss, word finding difficulty, change in motor function or personality changes. These symptoms can be a sign of a serious brain injury, which can impact the victim's life for years to come. In this situation, seeking compensation is essential to dealing with the damage suffered.

If you have suffered a brain injury, it is imperative you consult with medical professionals to assess and treat your injury. While this process can be expensive, it is critical to mitigating serious damage and increasing the opportunity to recover from the traumatic injury. In many TBI cases, the brain injury victim also suffers emotional sequelae related to the injury, for example, post-traumatic stress disorder.
While this symptom can be more challenging to detect than others, suffering related to emotional impacts of a TBI can impact victims in a variety of ways. Dealing with these emotional impacts is a significant challenge, making it important to find a law firm with experienced traumatic brain injury lawyers.

Once you are ready, you can pursue a personal injury case with an experienced brain injury lawyer on your side to help you recoup the money you or your insurance company paid for medical bills and other care, and the money you will lose in the future due to your injury.

Most Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most challenging and complicated injuries to recover from and are, unfortunately, fairly common. Brain trauma can result from a wide-range of accidents.

Anytime a person strikes their head, a brain injury can result. For example, if someone slips or trips and hits their head on the ground or a nearby object, a brain injury can result. A brain injury can also result if something falls on a person’s head, such as an item at a job site, or a falling tree limb, or if a person strikes their head on a low overhang.

Athletic activities are another common cause of brain injuries suffered by Americans. While it may seem evident that full-contact sports like football or boxing can cause these issues, even sports like basketball or cheerleading pose significant risks as well because of the potential for falls. Lately, brain injuries reported by soccer players have been increasing in number due to injuries resulting due to soccer players using their heads to move the ball. Unfortunately, these injuries are not always apparent when they occur, so athletes must be closely monitored for warning signs if they have suffered any type of blow to the head.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of brain injury. Even when people are wearing a seatbelt, an accident can cause a person to strike their head on the steering wheel, the headrest, or other parts of the interior of the vehicle. Additionally, a brain injury can result even without a direct blow to the head. For example, an injury to the brain can occur as a result of the head being violently whipped back and forth, resulting in the brain, which floats in fluid within the skull, to impact the hard outer edges of the skull. The brain is a fragile soft tissue. Even the slightest impact can cause the brain to bruise and bleed, resulting in damage.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident resulting in a brain injury, you may have a strong personal injury case. Burneikis Law has years of experience in injury law; call today to discuss options if you recently suffered a brain injury of any kind.

Challenges of Dealing with Brain Injuries

Those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries will often face significant challenges during their healing process and beyond. Many TBI survivors experience mood changes or personality shifts that cause stress to their families. In many cases, family members of victims are required to take time off from work in order to provide care to TBI victims.

People with brain injuries often experience different symptoms depending upon the severity of the damage. Therefore, doctors usually develop individualized treatment plans, including the need to be treated by multiple different specialists to aid victims recover lost function. Due to the complex nature of these injuries, starting treatment as quickly as possible is often essential to achieving a full recovery.

Additionally, TBI victims frequently suffer substantial financial hardship associated with their injury and related symptoms. Those who have been injured are often unable to work, forcing the rest of the family to work even harder to make ends meet.

TBIs can affect a person’s ability to process emotion. Combining this symptom with the normal and expected emotional impact an injury causes due to the need to address physical pain and the trauma of the event can result in TBI victims being flooded with increased aggression and anxiety. Interacting with loved ones and family relationships are commonly negatively affected when a person has suffered a brain injury. Coping with the aftereffects of the injury can be nearly as difficult for the victim's family members as it is for the survivor themselves. For these reasons, family therapy is often valuable or even necessary for those working to cope with a traumatic brain injury.

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How Legal Representation Can Help Victims and Family Members in Oakland Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can have devastating financial consequences for victims and their families. In some cases, medical expenses may result in foreclosures, repossession of vehicles, bankruptcy, or high debt. Some families even have difficulty affording necessities like food, clothing, and monthly expenses such as utilities and water.

Additionally, brain injury victims often have to undergo tests in order for doctors to provide a definitive diagnosis and determine the severity of the injury. Depending on the seriousness of a specific symptom, a person's brain injury may also require CT scans and MRIs, which can be costly. Medical charges may also include ambulance service, hospital admissions, surgery, and potentially extended time in a medical facility, which can increase the financial burden.

Many families find these costs overwhelming, especially if the accident leading to the injury also causes the victim to miss substantial amounts of work. If left unchanged, these expenses can push households deep into debt and threaten the security of necessities like housing and food.

Fortunately, if you or a loved one recently suffered a brain injury, you may have legal options available to you. Legal action can help mitigate the costs of coping with a significant head injury, which can be significant.

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Why do People Trust Oakland Brain Injury Lawyers at Burneikis Law?

At Burneikis Law, we are passionate about seeking justice for our clients. Our California team members work diligently to ensure every client receives the highest quality service possible. We have experience understanding TBI victims' challenges, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide caring and effective service to every client we work with.

The legal team at Burneikis Law utilizes a comprehensive approach with each client and family to assist in overcoming challenging situations. Not only do we handle the cases that our clients have filed, but we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure our clients get the medical care they need. Depending on the nature of your injury, our staff can help you locate valuable resources and care that can help you recover as quickly as possible.

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Dealing with the aftermath of a severe accident can be exhausting. Coping with physical pain is challenging, and watching a loved one deal with it can be even worse. The financial burdens of recovering from serious brain damage can become overwhelming when coupled with these issues. Working with an experienced brain injury lawyer can help reduce your stress and decrease the overall burden of dealing with the accident. Injury law is complex and it is essential to find a law firm with experience handling brain injury claims.

At Burneikis Law, we have worked with many TBI victims and their families to pursue legal recourse for their injuries. Our firm has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases in the Oakland area and throughout California, securing full and fair compensation for our clients whenever possible.

When you choose Burneikis Law, you can have complete confidence in receiving the assistance of a seasoned Oakland traumatic brain injury attorney. We strive to maintain consistent communication with our clients and we will keep you updated about the progress of your case.

The brain injury lawyers at Burneikis Law are proud to help our clients deal with these devastating injuries by providing them with skillful and knowledgeable legal guidance. Effective legal representation can significantly reduce a TBI's financial impact, so contact Burneikis Law at (510) 328-3238 to discuss your brain injury claim with a helpful representative today.

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