Avoiding Winter Car Accidents In The Bay Area

avoiding winter car accidents in the bay area

The combination of earlier sunsets, more rain and hectic holiday traffic increases the risk of a car accident. Here are tips to keep you and your family safe. As a law firm specializing in personal injury cases stemming from car accidents, I know first hand how devastating a car accident can be for surviving victims…

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How To File A Personal Injury Claim

how to file a personal injury claim

Personal injury claims encompass a wide array of scenarios, including car accidents, slip/trip, and fall accidents, assaults, product liability suits, and so on.   5 Steps To Move Forward With A Personal Injury Claim  While we always recommend contacting a personal injury attorney if you feel you have a case, here are five basic steps you…

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Pedestrian Safety 101

pedestrian safety 101

In our recent post about the most dangerous intersections in Oakland, we cited the alarming reality that, “[a]ccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 40% of all car accidents occur at intersections, accounting for both automobiles as well as bicycle and pedestrian accidents.”  While California’s Vehicle Code, “CHAPTER 5 Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties 21950”…

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Glossary Of Personal Injury Legal Terminology

glossary of personal injury legal terminology

During your personal injury legal consultations, trial or settlement procedures, you will be exposed to certain “legalese.” These words and phrases are used regularly by personal injury attorneys and the courts, but can feel like a second language to clients without a legal background.   While you always want to search for a lawyer who explains things to…

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When Does The Attorney-Client Privilege Begin?

when does the attorney client privilege begin

Like priests, physicians, and therapists, attorneys take an oath to protect the confidentiality of our clients. This protection is professionally termed the “attorney-client privilege.”   It’s essential to understand what attorney-client privilege is and when it begins before consulting or hiring an attorney.  There are exceptions, and certain boundaries attorneys must uphold, so knowing these boundaries…

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Top 7 Tips For Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

top 7 tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer

When injuries are minor, a case is straightforward, liability is not disputed, and the at-fault party’s insurance company is cooperative, you may be able to settle a personal injury case on your own. Those situations are rare, however, due in large part to insurance companies being for-profit businesses. Therefore, in most cases, choosing an experienced…

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What Are Whiplash Associated Disorders?

what are whiplash associated disorders

The state of California allows a two-year “grace period” for auto accident victims to file their claims.  The effects of whiplash associated disorders is one of the most compelling reasons why that window remains open for so long.   Read How Much Time Do I Have After My Accident to File a Lawsuit, to learn more about that. …

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Long Haul Trucking And Related Personal Injury Claims

long haul trucking and common personal injury claims

Long haul truckers are at risk for a range of personal injury accidents related to their job.  At the same time, automobile drivers are also in danger of sustaining personal injuries as the result of a truck driver’s (or their employer’s) negligence. Even if you feel the accident was months ago, you may be surprised to learn that it may not…

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